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Hurricanes:only precaution can minimize damages

Hurricane is one of the most disastrous storm which takes many lives every year. There is no solution to this problem all one can do is to take proper precaution well on time to stay protected. Since storm is one which is recurring in nature and the impact and damage it causes is large, only a foolproof strategy can be useful. As per a survey there is an impact of these hurricanes even after they are over, and many people lose their life due to the after effects. Basic things which should be kept in mind and avoided are –

1) Weak and falling trees – This has lead to many deaths, it is always better to keep oneself away from the big trees as they lose their strength due to heavy storms and can fall easily, there are many people who died due to this accident.

2) Poisoning due to Carbon Monoxide – This is one of the major reasons. The poising is very common during Hurricanes. It is very common to use a portable generator during hurricanes as these storms do impact the basic amenities to a large extent. Improper use of these can lead to spreading of monoxide gas and it is very well known that carbon monoxide is very harmful. As per the study, 13 deaths out of 74 are caused due to spread of this gas.

3) Flood water – There is huge water which always gets collected after the storm and it takes a week’s time to get drained properly.

– Always avoid moving in this water as at the flow is so strong that one can get flown away with the water and even vehicles lose their balance and can result in a serious accident.

– One can easily judge the depth of water by seeing it but it is sometimes deceptive so assess twice before moving out.

4) Electric shocks and currents – The storm during this time is so strong that even strong electric wires get damaged and there are maximum chances that these naked wires can lead to injury or electric shock.

– These wires often fall on streets and these are most dangerous when they come in contact with water on streets.

– One needs to be very calculative and smart to pass from a street like this as a single miss can create a big loss even a loss of life.

5) Fire – One big reason is fire which is caused due to candles which are used as sources of light. These candles do results in big fire to spread.

6) Evacuation – Due to storms the area which are under evacuation become risky as due to heavy rain and storm these don’t have firm ground and even become more deep and slippery.

7) Hurricane shutters – If you have hurricane shutters installed on your windows and doors, it is wise not to open these during storm to check whether the hurricane is over as nobody knows there may be a flying debris that comes straight into the house through the opening.

Many deaths can be avoided by making a proper check on these. There is no escape from such monsters but at least one should prepare himself. Make maximum people aware about the precautions which will help them overcome this big disaster and contribute your bit to bring down casualties at least the ones which are caused due to re-occurrence of natural disasters. So check and keep yourself and your family safe.