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Hurricane Shutters–Best Security Money Can Get

Protecting home from storms like hurricane needs careful attention to windows and doors. A 5/8 inch thick plywood can get the job done, but this is not a feasible solution overall. It requires frequent replacement and won’t offer you the level of security you would like for home. Hurricane shutters comes up as the most economical solution for homeowners to safeguard window and other openings in a storm.

Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters

The aluminum or steel shutters are attached to the walls along the windows and doors on tracks or bolts. The panels are corrugated, and every piece overlaps the next resulting in maximum strength. The hurricane storm panel comes in an array of styles and patterns.

The first style has tracks and bolts together. The top of the panel is fitted into a track just above the window, and the bottom segment of the panel is secured with bolts, permanently fixed beneath the window. The second is “C” shaped tracks. In this, there is C shaped tracks style on the top and bottom of the door and windows. Bolts can be slide into the tracks from any side and needs to be manually allied with the holes on the hurricane panels. Bolts are put into the tracks, can be done from any side. Track needs to be aligned with the holes on the panels.   In the third style, bolts are permanently set into the wall adjacent to the windows and doors. They can be easily loosened as the panel hangs horizontally, and needs to be screwed to close. Although somewhat expensive, these shutters provide brilliant protection from harsh climatic conditions. If you are buying a home fitted with storm panels, remember to check no panels are missing or cut incorrectly, this will save you from unnecessary expenses.

Clear Strength Hurricane Panels

In case you are looking for protection similar to storm panels that too without an obstructed view then Clear Hurricane Shutters are just right. Manufactured from Proprietary Polycarbonate Resins they are genuinely clear hurricane panels, almost 40 percent stronger and 30 percent lighter than other panels. These clear hurricane shutters have excellent clarity, and offers home and business owner maximum protection without blocking the natural light.

Hurricane Screens – Force 12 Hurricane Protection
Force 12 Hurricane Protections are high impact wind screen that provides an entirely new notion in hurricane safety and protection. These screens are manufactured from 100% polypropylene basket woven fabric and are designed in a way that they ward off airborne debris and can even withstand impact that can shatter a concrete wall.  These incredible screens are light in weight, easy to store, and simple to install, and can be reused even after debris impact.

Rolling shutters:

They look attractive, fit seamlessly with any type of doors and windows and offer unsurpassed hurricane protection. You can operate them within seconds – automatic shutters will roll up and down effortlessly at a touch of a button. Backup generators will ensure they are working when there is power failure. Hand crank option is available in case you don’t want to operate electrically. They very well withstand the pressure changes that frequently happened during a hurricane.