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Hurricane shutters-A feasible alternative to impact resistant windows

In the wake of recurrent hurricanes, it has become imperative for the people to ensure protection to their homes. Though hurricane shutters have emerged as an effective alternative for minimizing the damages of the hurricanes, but they have to compete with the Impact Windows, which is another alternative for ensuring protection to the house. While, building a new house, one needs to comply with the FL Building code that either demands for the installation of approved and tested impact resistant doors or glass on the door and windows openings or demands for the  installation of hurricane shutters. Let’s have a glance on the benefits and drawbacks by impact resistant windows and hurricane shutters:

Pros and Cons of Impact resistant windows:

  • They don’t mar the aesthetic sense of a house and in fact appear attractive.
  • There are no hassles regarding ensuring the operation of the impact resistant windows even when one is away from the house, which are otherwise in the case of putting up the shutters.
  • They offer required protection in an unfailing manner.
  • They prove to be energy efficient.
  • They don’t lead to noise pollution.
  • They ensure UV protection.

However, there are few challenges regarding installing impact resistant windows and doors in older homes. Replacing the doors and windows with these impact windows is actually a tricky thing that may cost a substantial amount of money. The more feasible choices include installing steel panel, Polycarbonate panel, accordion shutter or roll down shutter.

Pros and cons of diverse kinds of hurricane shutters: 

Every kind of storm panel has few pros and cons. Steel panels may appear an affordable alternative, but installing it and again removing it, is a cumbersome and time consuming task. Apart from that, they don’t allow the light to enter into the home and thus, gives a feeling of a cave. Polycarbonate panels appear to be a better alternative in comparison to the steel panels as they offer needed protection and don’t obstruct the light.

Impact Windows

The majority of the people prefer to opt for the accordion shutters since it is easy to use them. A wide array of styles and color options are available that doesn’t mar the artistic appeal of a home exterior. Regarding price also, there is available a wide choice. However, the biggest drawback is that being a permanent fixture, it may appear difficult to achieve a synchronized look with arched windows along with other details. Roll down shutters are available in hand crank option or electric, both. In the category of the hurricane shutters, roll down and accordion, both appear to be a feasible choice, since they both consume less time in installation and one doesn’t require slogging hard much regarding installing and removing them.

To put it in a nutshell, besides paying attention to the qualities possessed by a specific shutter, you also need to ensure that it is FL building code approved and is installed in the guidance of a licensed contractor and doesn’t require much labor on your part in terms of installing and removing it.