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Hurricane Shutter–Provides Safety of life & Belongings

Persons residing in a coastal region frequently face the problem of storms, so need to take preventative measures to safeguard themselves and houses from the potentially dangerous tropical storms. The category 1 hurricane has a velocity of wind about 75 miles-per-hour, capable of ripping down branches of the tree and sending debris whipping through the air. Category 2 and 3 storms can easily rip off roofing shingles apart from roofs and can cause enormous damage. Winds exceeding 130 miles per hour comes in the category of 4 and 5, and causes severe devastation regardless of how well you have taken precautionary measures.

Now the obvious questions that will come in mind that why should I put efforts and incur expense to protect home and property when a high storm can still cause damage? The answer is simple, by taking steps such as installing hurricane shutters you would be well equipped to reduce the damage which can result due to extreme hurricane winds.

There are numerous components of hurricanes that have the capability to cause damage. The tropical storms are often followed by storm surge. Due to this water rises rapidly and have immense force that sweep away well constructed homes. They cause the most fatalities in hurricanes.   Another main component is wind gusts; they sweep down electric power lines, trees, debris, and cause destruction to residential blocks. Tornadoes are violently rotating wind gusts that can exceed 350 mph, can rip almost anything that comes in its route and sends them flying into the sky.

Setting up hurricane shutters is a basic necessity for people dwelling in coastal counties as it provides much needed physical shield against airborne debris and prevents it from entering the home. Although windows are generally fitted with heavy-duty glass, but even a little piece of wood flying in 120 mile per hour wind will hit unprotected window panes like a rocket and shatter it. A properly designed and installed storm shutter covering window would surely reduce the force of collision and lessen the loss.

It is beneficial to have hurricane impact window and shutters installed from the insurance point view as you will get a reduction in cost of home insurance. There is a separate option as “storm deductible” and it will get decreased as you will give the insurer proof that you have mounted shutters for protection.

Storm shutters not only give shield from the devastating storms, but they can be pretty attractive and enhance the appearance of the home. Some shutters allow abundance of daylight get directly into the living space and can be folded back when not utilized. Some shutters are permanently attached to the home. It is beneficial as you don’t have to take out them out after every hurricane season and again get in fixed when the season arrives. If you don’t know how to take out then you have to call up a contractor, of course that is going to cost you some money, and moreover you need space to store them.

In summary, if you are residing in any coastal area whether it is South Florida, or the Gulf Coast invest in premium hurricane window shutters as it will safeguard your family and assets.