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Hurricane Shutters & Impact Windows

Thinking of Hurricane Shutters, Impact Windows, Impact doors from Lowes or Home Depot?

You might want to think twice.

Compared to Home Depot or Lowes who subcontract all their projects, not only for manufacturing but also for installation, wouldn’t you rather be doing business directly with a local company that is the manufacturer and distributor?

Hurricane Shutters from Lowes or Home Depot are also priced much higher than when dealing directly with the manufacturer. Because of their overhead, these large chain stores must sell for prices that are always much higher than what you would get from smaller and more nimble companies such as ours.

Delivery times not only on Hurricane Shutters but also on Impact Windows from Lowes or Home Depot are also much longer since their operation, being much larger than a smaller local company does not allow them to move as efficiently.

Our accordion shutters offer maximum strength and protection. They are designed to withstand up to category 5 winds and are approved by the Florida and Miami Dade Building codes.

Our high impact doors and windows offer style and protection against hurricanes. Impact front doors are preferred to hurricane shutters since they are more aesthetic pleasing. These impact windows and doors not only act as storm protectors but also safeguard your home from harmful UV rays, help conserve energy and make the inside of your home quieter from external noise.

We are known for our professional, durable and competitively priced, impact windows, storm panels and hurricane shutters that are real time tested.

From storm panels, impact doors and windows to garage doors and other hurricane protection solutions, we have you covered.

We have been serving South Florida since 2004 and have hundreds of customers that have chosen us vs Lowes or Home Depot for their storm protection needs.

All our hurricane protection solutions are rated ‘A’ category and have been approved by the Florida Building Code.

We offer our customers the best value on their investment by using high-quality material, experienced personnel, aesthetic installations, double life-time warranty, price competitiveness and exceptional customer service.

If you are for are considering Hurricane Shutters Impact windows from Lowes or Home Depot, you might want to think twice and check us out.

Give us a call or send us quick email and let us show you what we can do to get your storm protection project completed in an affordable, aesthetically pleasing and effective way.

Contact our team now and get your project under way!


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