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Things to do before the onset of hurricane season

You may have never cared for learning about last-minute rescue tips due to thinking that you may never have to come across a frightening experience of facing any natural calamity. However, as natural calamities are on rise and especially hurricane storms, you must educate yourself about the last-minute rescue tips. After all, any kind of knowledge gained by you never goes waste. So, protect yourself and your dear ones through learning about last-minute rescue tips. Following tips are required to be practiced, 48 hours prior to an occurrence of a hurricane or any other powerful natural disaster.

Hurricane Winds

Review insurance policy: An effective insurance policy takes into account, coverage related to extra living expenses, coverage for flood and all-inclusive auto-coverage. Apart from that, your policy should be updated if your house has undergone any kind of renovation plan. If you missed updating your policy, you should immediately speak with your insurance agent to know about the needful to be done.

Ensure proof for claiming insurance: You need to possess sufficient proof, in order to claim insurance. There are few easy ways to do the same. You can use video camera to narrate the details of your belongings. Along with that, if you jot down the details on a notepad, it will come in handy while claiming insurance policy. Most important point to remember while following this tip is, to have a back up of all proof at some alternative safe place, away from your home. Always, keep receipts of valuables because that can really make the process of settling claim, hassle-free.

Hurricane Storm

Ensure utmost protection to your property: If you have sufficient insurance policy that does not mean that you show negligence towards protecting your property. Damage from any natural calamity may be minimized through installation of hurricane shutters and impact resistant windows.

Keep an emergency supply kit at your disposal: If you are forced to vacate your home in hurry, you need to have at least 2-week water supply, non-perishable ready to eat food, manual can opener, necessary medicines, personal hygiene items, hand sanitizer, few utensils, extra clothes, first-aid kit, battery-power flashlight, radio with additional batteries, etc. It is obvious that if you are running out of time, you are bound to forget something or the other important item. Therefore, it is better to keep an emergency kit in advance.

Work on a foolproof evacuation plan much in advance: You are not going to put on your thinking cap regarding a safest place for temporary evacuation, at last moment. You need not merely decide about a place in advance, but you need to be equipped with appropriate evacuation route map.

When you are done with prior groundwork of facing hurricane or any other natural disaster, you need to keep in mind, following few more additional tips before evacuating your home.

  • Ensure closing all the doors and windows properly
  • Write down important numbers to contact emergency services
  • Dispose your furniture at safe location
  • Ensure keeping driver’s license, valid ID proof, insurance policies, important documents, checkbooks, etc.
  • Take out sufficient cash