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How to Maintain Your Accordion Hurricane Shutters?

When it comes to protecting your home during a hurricane, you’ve got the choice between impact doors, storm panels, and accordion shutters. While impact doors and windows play a vital role in safeguarding your space against heavy winds, accordion hurricane shutters are a better choice to fight the hurricane season. 

Hurricane shutters are cost-effective and bear strength to combat extreme weather. They are easy to install and use. During the accordion hurricane shutters installation, all you have to do is pull the two sides together and lock the shutters, post snapping them into place. As the hurricane season approaches, you keep yourself occupied with the maintenance tasks. It includes taking care of your accordion shutters in the first place. 

Let us read through this information to know how you can maintain your accordion hurricane shutters smartly.

Keep the tracks clean

You must keep the tracks of the shutters clean and wash them regularly. Inspect for buildup dirt, insect nests, particles that may hinder your cleaning task and cause problems with the operations of your accordion shutters. Check for the dirt and dust regularly so that you can easily operate the shutter when it’s time to safeguard your home against the hurricane. 

Wash the shutters with soap and water

Besides using a lubricant, you must wash your accordion shutters with warm water and soap. Wash the shutters using a soft brush at least twice a year. Along with taking care of the main parts, wash the slats and hinges as well. Clean the shutters in both the open and folded positions to remove salt and dirt. It helps you remove anything trapped inside the shutter. However, refrain from using pads and abrasive cleaners as they may damage your accordion shutters.  

Lubricate the tracks 

It is important to lubricate the tracks of your accordion hurricane shutters using a silicone spray lubricant. It assures that your shutters are easy to operate when required and do not cause any damage. Besides, using a lubricant avoids the dirt and salt buildup and remove it with ease. Do not avoid lubricating the thumbscrews at least twice a year. It ensures that you can remove the locking pins without any trouble. 

Operate your shutters regularly

Accordion hurricane shutters come in use during the hurricane season. However, it is recommended to use your shutters every month. Close and open them once a month to keep the tracks clean. You can make out if the shutters are moving smoothly or they need repair. Check the movable parts and examine the mounting fasteners. Inspect for broken parts, and repair if necessary. This way, you save yourself from the last minute hassle of finding the right accordion shutters installation experts to do the job. 

Contact storm solution experts for guidance

It is advised to consult professional experts to install storm protection devices. It ensures that your shutters remain sturdy throughout the stormy season. You can call the Property Solutions team if you’re planning to install storm protection devices at home. Their expert professionals offer easy installation at a competitive price.