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How to Maintain Hurricane Shutters!

Storm shutters have certainly emerged as an effective way to minimize the damages of powerful storms and hurricanes but not much people gain expert knowledge various aspects of the shutters before buying them. As far as maintenance of the shutters is concerned, in this aspect also, very few people try to gain required knowledge. Few shutters require low maintenance while few require high maintenance.

High Maintenance: As the name suggests these kinds of shutters require high maintenance. Generally, pre-planned actions are required that lead to excessive time consummation. These kinds of shutters are being installed by availing the expert technicians who are not only well versed with the knowledge related to the installation but are also well-versed with the knowledge related to the replacement parts of the hurricane shutters. Since, installation and entire maintenance of storm shutters featuring high maintenance demands extensive labor, they are not user friendly.

Low Maintenance: As the name suggests, the storm shutters that neither demand extensive labor and nor they consume excessive time in installation process are basically known as low maintenance shutters. These hurricane shutters can be installed immediately, that too with much ease. Since no assistance of an expert technician is required for installing these shutters, they are considered as extremely user friendly.

Now, if you are wondering that which storm shutters fall in the category of high maintenance and which do fall in the category of low maintenance, you don’t require slogging hard. Majority of the electronic and manual storm shutters need low maintenance. However, most of the people mistake low maintenance as absence of maintenance. These storm shutters at least demand some maintenance that includes ensuring keeping those foreign materials at bay that may have an adverse impact on the quality of the shutter. Those materials include insect, rodent and bird nests, salt and sand buildup. Normally, shutters are being cleansed by using water hose having normal household pressure. One should avoid using harsh chemicals and power washer because they lead to the deterioration of the quality of the shutters. Periodic rinsing will also play an important role in protecting the painted surfaces from the harmful effects of coastal environments.

One should also take care of the fact that water should not be sprayed on any electrical connection. Roller shutters don’t require lubrication, on another side, manual operators require lubrication but that lubrication should be done by using a quality lubricate roller shutter. The lock and handle mechanism of accordion shutters should be properly lubricated. One should ensure that the operating limit switch is kept in the neutral position while operating electronic storm shutters. If the limit switched would be on then the motor would continue to run and it may probably burn the system. Children should not be allowed to roam around when installation of storm shutter is taking place. Maintaining the storm shutters is no rocket science, provided if one knows the basics of it and if one dedicates at least some time on the regular basis for cleaning the storm shutters.