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Horizontal Rolling Windows for Modern Homes

A horizontal rolling window is a stylish version of the sliding door providing undisputed security against sunlight, rain, dew and hurricanes. It comes up as a classy choice for modern homes. It enhances the overall appearance of the house for superior comfort and privacy.  All our windows are fitted with premium quality patented stainless steel ball-bearing quad rollers that slide on nylon track.

Horizontal rolling windows

It operates similar to a sliding door. The sash slide open effortlessly and smooth bedroom egress need. It comes up as a great style for modern and contemporary homes. Rolling windows have always been preferred by beach-side house owners for hurricane protection.


  • Ease of operation
  • Safe anchorage with compact fittings
  • Seamless installation and replacement
  • 100% compliance with international and Federal building codes
  • Affordable protection with see-through windows
  • Optional colour series to match interior and exterior walls

Using motorized horizontal rolling windows makes it easy to use and operate even in the harshest of weather conditions.

Where to install:

    • Perfect for bedrooms, lanais and balconies
    • Bathrooms and kitchen bay areas
    • Storage area and basement windows
    • Garage

Horizontal rolling windows are designed for long-term deployment that can withstand prolonged exposure to UV rays, moisture, breeze, snowfall, hurricanes and rain without breaking away or losing their performance.