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Home-keep it maintained for long life

Home maintenance is something that needs to be done frequently. A change in season changes the requirement of human beings; the need of home also undergoes a change with other things. Winter season calls for covered window panes, thick curtains, etc. on the other hand summer season places almost different requirements and it is advisable that one should attend to these much in advance so as to avoid last moment rush. A checklist could easily be made and all the necessary arrangements could be done.

Take out all outdoor games: The kids in winter season are confined to the four walls of their house but as soon as summer arrives they need to go out and play; all their outdoor games stuff should be taken out so that they can enjoy summers with their buddies.

Check AC’s and Fans: It is important that you get your fan and AC’s checked because the need can arise any time and they should be tested before use. Electrical appliances require regular maintenance.

Window Panes: Check the window panes and shutters as these were closed during the winter season but summer seasons calls for open windows and shutters for fresh air. The window panes tend to jam and proper oiling is needed.

Hurricane shutters: These are also necessary in summer season as they will protect window panes from breakage in case of speedy winds.

Pest Control:  insects in hibernation wake up with the arrival of summers and can be easily seen in houses. Mosquitoes are the most dangerous insects and cause of many serious ailments. One should get pest control done in the house so that harmful insects can be avoided.

Summer Cloths: Take out summer cloths and wash and iron them so that you can pick them as and when desired. One can also keep the woolens inside.

Curtains: The curtains in summer season needs to be bright and light. They should allow air to pass through them unlike the winter one’s that are comparatively thick.

Swimming Pool: Clean the pool as you would require it now; the water should be cleaned and other damages should be checked so as to avoid any hazard.

Taps: The taps of kitchen and washrooms should be checked and the geysers’ should be cleaned and disconnected.

Lawns: Lawns are the most desirable place to sit in the summers. The grass and plants should be trimmed and proper cleaning should be done in summer season.

All these are important things that one needs to do with change in season. Home maintenance is easy if done carefully and the checklist is important as one would remember all the things that need to be done without much strain on the mind. If things are carefully managed there will be no stress and one can easily escape the last moment rush. The home should be ready to welcome each season with the same warmth and protection that it has been giving earlier. Home is the place where one spends most of the quality time and it needs to be perfect.