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Go Tapeless in Order to Ensure Protection of Your Home and Family

An online survey conducted by Harris Interactive revealed that round about 7 out of 10 homeowners believe that the glass door and windows should be taped, in order to attain safety from hurricane. This online survey was commissioned by the FLASH (Federal Alliance for Safe Homes) and took place in the month of January 2012. Where at one side, hurricane shutters and impact resistant windows have been successful in offering a reliable performance, on the other side; tapes have failed to offer a reliable performance. There are available various types of tapes including masking tape, window film, duct tape and even hurricane tape. Unfortunately, all these tapes don’t suffice in order to ensure protection to the one’s house and valuable assets.

safety from hurricane

The main aim of the FLASH behind commissioning this survey was to increase awareness among the masses about the efficiency of hurricane shutters and impact resistant windows, by busting the prevalent myths about the window taping. The FLASH wanted to encourage the Americans to go tapeless during the hurricane season as a part of an initiative related to the hurricane preparedness. Ideal home protection demands for the coverage of all openings and windows through the installation of approved and tested impact resistant materials or impact resistant coverings. It is believed that even a plywood shutter proves to be more effective in comparison to a window taping.

Earlier, people living in hurricane prone areas and coastal areas would not have any superior and effective alternatives for ensuring the protection to their home, valuable assets, livestock and their own lives. With the passage of time, newer alternatives emerged for offering protection against the hurricanes. Fortunately, market is now flooded with variety of hurricane shutters and superior impact resistant windows. The credibility of newer alternatives is more in comparison to the window taping because all new alternatives are approved and tested. Previous year, when hurricane Irene attacked, it revealed that still there are majority of the homeowners who rely on a method of masking tape on glass. It is believed that a wrong hurricane protection is even more awful thing in comparison to not resorting to any alternative for ensuring home protection.

Home Protection from Hurricanes

The FLASH also launched one of its own kinds of campaign called ‘Blowout’, in the month of 2010. This campaign is expected to spread awareness about the potential risks related to the taping among the homeowners, prior to the advent of the powerful storms. Apart from spreading necessary education, it will also offer the required resources, in order to help the families to prepare against facing hurricanes. By joining this campaign, families can update their knowledge related to the best possible method for ensuring protection to their families and homes. They can also take pledge to associate with the ranks of ‘Tapeless’ Americans. More information regarding preparations for facing hurricanes can be availed by visiting the website called This campaign is making its presence felt through leading social networking websites. If you were relying on window taping, decide to go tapeless during this hurricane season because now there are available proven hurricane mitigation tools that will ensure protection to your home and family.