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Ensure That Your House Is Hurricane-Proof

Hurricanes are really causing lot of nuisance to the people quite often than earlier time. Blame it to the tendency of humans for taking Mother Nature for granted or blame it to the other reasons, but there is no denial to the fact that it has become important for everyone to take utmost precautions prior to the season, when hurricane is most likely to hit.

There are various ways through which a home can be protected and so can be human life. Doors and windows are the most vulnerable part of a house, since flying debris can easily find their way through these two parts of the house. However, the solution for protecting doors and windows lies in installing sturdy hurricane shutters, which are available in different materials. While a house is getting constructed, there should be a provision for permanent fixture for these shutters.

Landscape debris like dead branches, small size trees may add more troubles during hurricane so it is better to remove them before the onset of hurricane. Even patio furniture and other fragile items should be removed. A roof is another vulnerable portion of a house which needs utmost protection, hence it becomes imperative to use construction fastening system, which is code mandated. However, fastener choice will differ in accordance to the type and location of construction.

Garage doors are yet another vulnerable portion of a house. If a garage door is not sturdy enough then strong winds can easily enter inside the house and cause havoc by literally blowing up roof.  One really needs to install strong garage door in order to prevent damages that may be caused by hurricanes.

It is extremely essential to ensure proper drainage since a blocked water can really worsen the situation. Make sure that downspouts and gutters are unblocked so that water can flow easily. Basement is another area of a house which becomes the first target of hurricane. It is recommended to keep your crawl space or basement dry. Also ensure that the sump pumps are equipped with emergency powers.

It is apparent that during storm, electricity won’t be available so make sure that you have sufficient power back up in terms of standby generator but along with that, also ensure that you don’t end up in irritating your neighbors by the sound of the generator. Place generator in that location from where its sound can be minimized.

Keep few items in spare so that you don’t have to struggle more during storm. For an instance, you should have minimum three-day supply of couple of items like batteries, foods that don’t stale without refrigeration, potable water, candles, etc. Also ensure that you have that emergency kit ready, which has been advised by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. If you are living in a coaster area, then your home structure should be such that it can manage to withstand the storm. Last but not the least; do keep update yourself with latest news during storm with the assistance of battery-powered radio and TV.