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Do and don’ts during Hurricanes

Every problem or situation has a way out and solution but it is very difficult to control natural disasters and natural calamities. There can be precaution from these but there is no permanent way out. One such natural calamity is hurricanes, which regularly take place almost every year in the Northern part of America. These hurricanes are so disastrous that they even blow away houses, trees, and buildings, etc. It is very important to maintain a precaution from these well in advance.

In order to face this disaster there are some points which are very important to remember. There is a list of things which should be avoided and there are some things that need to be done. It is very important to keep the height of trees small near your house because if the hurricane is a bigger one there are maximum chances that this tree will fall down and can cause a major harm. Cover all the windows and door with hurricane shutters well on time as once the hurricane hits you will not get time and the labor will also be very expensive.

Keep a track of all the community routes in advance as these can be required any time and the higher grounds which are available near your place. It is seen that people don’t keep a track of these things in advance and thus suffers big losses. The information about these disasters are given well in advance through different modes of communication so be active all the time and prepare yourself accordingly as a single miss out can prove to be very disastrous. Generally, there is a complete black out during these days so make sure that all the arrangement for eatables, drinking water and other important things is done and follow all the instructions as these are for your benefit only. Always keep a notice of the rehabilitation center where you can keep your pets during this time If you can’t arrange safety for them at your places.

Things which should be avoided are make limited use of phone as these jams the lines and people are not able to get connected even in the case of emergency. Get proper hurricane shutters fitted on your doors and windows; this is one thing on which it is worth and very important spending. Don’t stay too higher during this time as the impact of hurricane is more as you go higher. Avoid opening doors and window unless you are sure that the hurricane has settled properly. These are some basic steps which will protect you from this disaster.

Apart from this do not panic and adhere to the precautions and rehabilitation instructions of the locality. In addition to this, stay calm and conserve food, water as you do not know how long the storm will continue and how long the help will reach you. If you are struck at some point, try to contact the nearest help centre but do not put yourself to risk and take shelter at the nearest safe place.KEC5D343ETHT