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Components of a Residential Solar Energy System

Solar Energy is “HOT”!

Solar energy is one of the most abundant resources on earth and people all throughout South Florida are now starting to take advantage of it !

PV Systems or more technically called Photovoltaic Systems convert solar energy into electricity to power your home.
Solar panels greatly reduce your electricity bill.

In addition to saving you money, solar panels increase the value of your property and contribute tremendously to reduce your carbon footprint.

A Solar Energy System

Solar Energy System

1. Solar Panel Modules: These are one of the most important parts of the Solar Panel system. These panels convert the sunlight into electricity & are also known as Photovoltaic / PV panels. The mounting & placement of PV systems matters the most for efficiency of the system. The rating of these panels is calculated in watts & the price is determine by its production. The higher the wattage, the more energy the system can produce.

2. DC to AC Inverters: AC Inverters converts the DC electricity that the panels generate to AC Electricity that your house and appliances can use. AC Inverters are an integral part of the system.

3. Solar Power Monitor: Power monitor displays immediate & cumulative readouts of electricity generation by the system. It also provides information on CO2 reduction levels & power consumption.

4. Electric Meter: When a solar system is installed, FPL goes to the property and changes the meter for a net metering meter to work with the solar system. The meter has the ability to spin backwards when the power generated by the solar panels is more than the power consumed.

Other useful components of Solar PV systems:

⦿ Battery Pack: Solar panels generate electricity during the day. You will need electricity during the night & cloudy day

⦿ Mounting Equipment: Mounting the solar panels properly is of utmost importance. The panels need to be installed somewhere where the sunlight falls without any obstructions. The mounting racks should be sturdy to support high hurricane winds & have enough integrity to stay sturdy for 25 years or more.

⦿ DC Disconnect Switches: Disconnection switches should be well within reach. These switches are turned off for maintenance purposes. Every person in the home should know how to turn the switch off for safety purposes. The solar system should be turned off first in case of any abnormality in the operations.

⦿ Fuse Box & Wiring: The fuse box & the wiring are relatively smaller components of the whole system; however, they are an integral part as well.

Solar power is a great way to save money on your electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Property Solutions is focused on providing our clients with quality, well designed Solar Energy Systems that are competitively priced, on budget, on time and beautifully executed.