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Choosing between Hurricane shutters and impact resistant windows

The State of Florida is very susceptible to hurricanes and tropical storms. Our peninsula is positioned for both storms – the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico pummels us when making landfall. It’s best if we’re prepared for what’s coming either way. Impact-resistant windows or hurricane shutters improve a home’s structural integrity.

Which one’s best though?

The intention of putting in either product is to block the raging winds of the storm from gaining access to your home and family. The winds hurl debris at your windows throughout the length of the storm. Once the window smashes, there’s no stopping the force of the wind. It rushes in and up trying to find an escape route.

Once within the attic, it pushes relentlessly into every nook and cranny. No house is airtight. It’ll find an exit. This force couples with the force of the storm battering your home from the surface. It often leads to the roof ripping off entirely from a home.

impact windows


Installing impact-resistant windows or hurricane shutters is the best defense a home-owner has to protect the house from the storms.

Seeing it through

One option of protection with growing popularity is installing impact-resistant windows throughout the house. Once installed, they stand and are able to provide constant protection from the day of installation. A relative newcomer to the sector of hurricane resistant products, the decision for manufacturers to make an impact-resistant window came into play when Florida decided it must strengthen building codes on all new construction. They looked to the auto industry for inspiration.

A new idea was born! Two (or more) panels of tempered glass adhere on either side of a sheet of high-tech polymer. The result? Windows which will withstand the force of a nine-pound 2×4 striking endways. By the way, it makes its impact after being hurled directly at the window from a canon!

Benefits of impact-resistant windows:

  • Protection from storms and residential invasion year around is the favourite reason for installing impact-resistant windows.
  • The high-tech polymer sheet doubles as insulation making impact windows extremely energy efficient. Technically, these windows eventually buy for themselves in savings.
  • Noise reduction is another prerequisite to installing these amazing windows in your home.
  • UV protection year-round is something else to consider. No blocking the sun in order to prevent faded furniture, carpet, or wall art.
  • Reduced insurance premiums are another factor to think about.


Hurricane impact windows

Benefits of hurricane shutters:

  • Added security from storms and residential invasion when secured.
  • Wind protection when secured.
  • Protects against driving wind and rain when locked in place.
  • Improved energy efficiency if left in place.
  • UV when used for shading.
  • Reduced insurance premiums are possible.

If you’re going to improve your home to make it more immune to the force of a hurricane, you’re a winner in our books. Your house is likely the most important investment you’ll ever make. Doing all will withstand one of nature’s most awesomely terrifying forces a wise decision.

Hurricane Shutters

Whether or not you opt on the constant protection that impact-resistant windows provide or prefer to invest in hurricane shutters instead, making the selection to improve the structural integrity of your house scores over others here. Property Solutions Florida is a qualitative one-stop-shop from storm protection at a competitive price, within budget and on time.