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How to Maintain Hurricane Shutters!

Storm shutters have certainly emerged as an effective way to minimize the damages of powerful storms and hurricanes but not much people gain expert knowledge various aspects of the shutters before buying them. As far as maintenance of the shutters is concerned, in this aspect also, very few people try to gain required knowledge. Few […]


Hurricane shutters-protect your home before it’s too late

Some happenings are beyond control. All one can do is to opt for precautions from such happenings. If we give a look at the past natural calamities that devastated lives of millions, we conclude that no one was able to control these things but at least precautions in advance had made survival possible. One such […]


Hurricane Shutters–How to Gear up for the next Hurricane Season?

As hurricane seasons approaches people constantly listen to radio and watch television, so they can be updated with slightest climatic change. People residing in storm prone region are aware of the severity of storm and what destruction it may cause. It is important to guard home against the tropical storms if the home is safe […]


Hurricane Shutters–Best Security Money Can Get

Protecting home from storms like hurricane needs careful attention to windows and doors. A 5/8 inch thick plywood can get the job done, but this is not a feasible solution overall. It requires frequent replacement and won’t offer you the level of security you would like for home. Hurricane shutters comes up as the most […]


Protect Home Against Nature’s Wrath with Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Shutters serve multiple functions as they protect door and glass windows against damages caused by fierce winds that carry all sorts of airborne debris. You must have seen in television the damages caused by storms – debris scattered all over, trees uprooted and objects flying in the air. When a high speed storm hits […]


Hurricane Shutter–Provides Safety of life & Belongings

Persons residing in a coastal region frequently face the problem of storms, so need to take preventative measures to safeguard themselves and houses from the potentially dangerous tropical storms. The category 1 hurricane has a velocity of wind about 75 miles-per-hour, capable of ripping down branches of the tree and sending debris whipping through the […]


Hurricane Shutters save precious life and property

Everything has a protection and solution but it is very difficult to maintain a control on the natural calamities and climate. These are the one which are very difficult to control. If we talk about the disaster which is caused by storm in places like Florida and Alabama, it is very important to have hurricane […]


Hurricane Shutters make your house a safe home

Natural calamities are uncontrollable and have disastrous results. Humans are the ones who have to bear the brunt of these disasters and so they have to be cautious and should take all steps to safeguard self and families. Government has taken steps and laid certain guidelines by which houses and human beings can be protected. […]


Hurricane Shutters–An Effective Way To Protect Your Life & Your Assets

Hurricane is among those natural disasters which truly cause a huge destruction to human life & other species. Even if human lives are protected somehow, since humans are movable, it is difficult to save precious tangible assets like house, furniture, etc. Both, the time of hurricane & after the hurricane is over; the sight is […]


Choose hurricane protection product as per requirement

For safety of houses against hurricanes, there is a range of hurricane protection products available in the market which satisfies Florida Building Code (FBC) standards. The FBC approves TAS methods for testing as per the Miami-Dade County norms. The shutters developed with TAS testing can be used in High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) in Florida. […]


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