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Brilliant Design Ideas of Hurricane-Proof Homes

In the wake of frequent hurricanes, it has become imperative for the people to construct hurricane proof homes and for the architects and home designers to come up with hurricane proof home designs. Thinking of a home design that can withstand the impact of hurricane is certainly no walk in the park but time has come when everyone would have to look for long term solutions in order to minimize the damages of the powerful storms. Various leading architects are working on some truly functional home designs that do appear futuristic as of now but will surely lay the foundation of storm-resistance homes. Let’s have a glance on those designs:

Dome-like structure: Few ancient architectures featuring dome shape, have been able to withstand the nature’s fury and extreme weather condition since ages. Besides that, igloos are another greatest example that how dome-shape structure can provide comfort to its inhabitants in extreme weather condition. By taking into consideration, its capability of repelling the full force of the wind and its intrinsic strength, architects are trying to come up with a fantastic hurricane proof design in which probably concrete and metal would be used.

Mobile homes: Generally, there remains at least some time before the storm hits an area. During that time, it becomes possible to shift mobile home easily. Since, the hurricanes are more frequent than ever, it would not be surprising to see if architects dedicate more time in developing a hurricane-proof design related to the mobile homes.

Elevated homes: Flood poses maximum threat to the one’s life and property. Considering the same thing, architects are striving to develop more functional designs related to the elevated homes so that the damages by the flood may be minimized. Though in terms of cost, this kind of house may prove to be more expensive due to the additional cost of the staircase.

Metal shipping containers: These have already proved their utility in providing the utmost protection to the various items to be transported and architects are pondering over using the same concept for providing safety to the life of the humans by thinking of some brilliant metal shipping containers as an alternate housing. When it comes to offer the protection against heavy winds then metal proves to be an excellent material.

Now here is a million dollar question that when hurricane proof homes have indeed become the need of the hour then why people are still not giving a serious thought to the same? Well, the reasons could be many including additional cost for constructing or ensuring an alternate home, laid-back attitude of the people, lack of foolproof hurricane resistance home designs, scarcity of exceptionally talented architects, lack of governments and private builders’ initiative, etc. Though hurricane shutters have emerged out as an effective solution to minimize the damages of the powerful storms but relying on them completely is not advisable. However, if you haven’t yet given a thought in making your home hurricane proof then do it right now because prevention is better than cure.