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Top 5 Tips for maintenance of Storm Resistant Impact Windows

Safety of the impact windows used as storm resistant structures are ought to be kept clean and well maintained. Regular updates on the health of the impact windows can help you relieve the stress associated with the recurring damages incurred due to the hurricanes, hails, damage by kids hurling things and even break-ins. Most impact […]

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Top 7 Benefits of Impact Resistant Windows

If you stay in hurricane prone regions, then it becomes quite necessary for you to install Impact resistant windows. These are made of aluminum and protects your bode from UV rays, debris and hurricanes. Harsh weather conditions can cause countless damage to your belongings. However, taking prior precautions for this condition is always an intelligent […]

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Impact doors can Withstand Everything

Doors represent the world that the house owner has built for himself and his family. It is a gateway for visitors and passer bys who too somehow develop a connection and an attachment with them. The doors usher calmness and prosperity while maintaining the dignity and safety of the house. In most parts of United […]

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Hurricane shutters: A necessity for every home

Natural disasters are something which is beyond our control, and it is quite impossible to prevent it with human interference. Last year, I had similar experience in Miami Dade, the place I reside. A series of hurricane hit our area with full fury. There were warnings in all news channels about the hurricane, but I […]

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Choosing the Best Hurricane Shutters for Your Home

Which are the best hurricane shutters for your house? Well, the answer can be relative as there are many factors to consider while deciding upon the right hurricane protection. However, it could be said that those shutters that are easy to install and use by yourself and fit your budget comfortably are often the best […]

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Fortify Your Home against Ravages of Tropical Storm

When it comes to protecting your house during a storm, you have to make sure that the protection is done in time and should be really effective and affordable to you. There is no dearth of attractive options in the market. But how do you know that one is better than the other? The choice […]

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Don’t Take Chance against Might of Hurricanes

Whether you stay inside your house or leave it to go to some safer place during a hurricane, you need to make sure that your house is well-protected against the effects of hurricane. Hurricane doesn’t come alone. It comes with thunderstorms and rain. When this happens, the power of the hurricane is multiplied and you […]

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Hurricanes, Tornadoes – different names of disaster

Diverse kinds of natural disasters have always created havoc by disrupting normal course of life of species of earth and through claiming precious lives. No matter, how much humans brag about their advancement, they tend to feel helpless in front of massive natural disasters. In the wake of growing occurrences of hurricanes, it has come […]

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Role of ultra modern technology in assessing hurricanes

Rise in natural calamities have alarmed weather scientists. Even worldwide people are beginning to realize that nature is no more in a mood to tolerate its indiscriminate exploitation. Especially, rise in hurricanes have alarmed developed economies through causing them financial loss of whopping sum of money. In addition to causing financial loss, such powerful storms […]

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List of hurricane prone cities in US

Life is full of challenges and we all are very well aware about it. However, for a specific set of humans, life is although more challenging. These people reside in hurricane prone areas and in those areas, where natural calamity shake them from their comfort zone, quite frequently. If may often crib about your monotonous […]

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