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Be Prepared For the Upcoming Hurricane Season Which Promises To Be Rough

Although officially the hurricane season starts from first of June, we all have experienced a tropical storm well ahead of the scheduled time in the name if Storm Alberto. Alberto was declared a tropical storm by the NHC (National Hurricane Center) however it did not develop into hurricane and was seen turning towards post tropical and fortunately weakened, drifted and dissipated. However this does not entitle you to be blithe. We have a long list of storms on our hand which can exaggerate into hurricanes this season. The next storm on list is Beryl. Apart from Alberto and Beryl we have six other upcoming storms going by names.

Hurricane shutters installation by Property Solutions

– Chris

– Debby

– Ernesto

– Florence

– Gordon and

– Helene.

We cannot tell for sure but there is a half and half probability that some of these can intensify into category 3 Hurricanes and we might also have to face a couple or more of these tropical storms apart from the named ones. With so much imminent snag, we cannot afford to be casual and have to brace ourselves accordingly. This is the right time to install impact windows in your South Florida home, if you haven’t done so beforehand. Just because your area does not fall under the cone of the hurricane or storm does not mean that it won’t come your way.

Accurately predicting the path of a tropical storm or hurricane is very much next to impractical and one can never say for sure which way they will turn. Hurricane shutters from assures you and your property against any kind of damage which is why it is sensible to install them well ahead of time. Once you install Hurricane Shutters in your South Florida dwelling, you can then move on to making a good plan and survival kit to ensure you are not jeopardized by the inward Hurricanes.

Our Hurricane Shutters and impact windows are tested to withstand very high pressure winds and can effectively secure you from rainfall, debris and lashes. You should be very careful with your protection especially if you reside in the coastal zone or in the south east because here it will strike first and heavily.