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Are your hurricane shutters still working, check before it is too late

Its time to perform a “Dry Run”. Have you checked your shutter systems this year. Every year homeowners check the shutter systems if they are still working in good order or not. This is the best way to avoid any last minute panic when the shutters fail to cover the door or window and the hurricane is close by.

It is essential to give it a timely check before a storm appears, each opening of the protection device should be checked and it should be ensured that the shutters are intact. It is a common observation that shutters lose their ability to work due to build up of debris, corrosion and insects nests. One must test the system whether each joint is working properly or there is an immediate need of maintenance and upkeep.

Some shutters like accordions and roll ups require lubrication every year as these have too many parts that facilitate movement and in the event of corrosion, debris or deposition due to weathering can impact their movement. Functioning of gears and locking systems should also be double checked by professional who will also suggest if any part of whole of it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Anchors of removable storm panels must be free of dirt and properly lubricated and all of the essential bolts and wing nuts must be there. Similar is with hinged and Bahama, it is better to check whether they are working properly and all essential hardware is there. Bahama Awnings can provide Energy efficient solution and can give the home tropical feel but their timely maintenance is also necessary.

Each window and door of the entire house must be thoroughly checked so that not a single door or window remains uncovered. It is advisable to choose those hurricane shutters that need less maintenance and are weather proof. Besides, those shutters should be chosen which are convenient to handle independently without any outside help as at the time of crisis nobody will be there to help as all will be busy averting the hurricane danger at their home.

One must choose Accordion or folding style if one has various floors as it can be pulled together and closed in a single minute. Rolling shutters are the best if you desire daily benefit of shade, they can be closed quickly or deployed by the push of a button. If you desire to have public view of the shutters you must opt for hinged colonial shutter as they improve the aesthetic quality of the frontage of the home. Impact windows is the ideal option for old windows, it can provide hurricane as well as security protection. Check the shutters at your home or office now and find whether they are up-to-date or there is an urgent need to upgrade it.